Wednesday, 12 October 2011

PMR is done for me. :)

Finally, Pmr is OVER. Haha ,i like to said that word, Over and over and over. Lol ,my target before the Pmr is to got 6 A's but after Pmr is over i only think that i can get 3 A's only. wtf! (please use nice word to blogging zack) hehe. I'm very afraid to see my result, i hope it will be okayh and great.

I think i wanna work at M'cdonald at Genting during this Pmr holiday because i'm so bored stay at home.
Wish me luck guys! This is my first time i got to work. haha. I will make a mess i think, but my gf always said, try first before complaining. I planning to go on date with her after i get my pay. Back to the stories >>> During this holiday, i just stay at home while create some lyrics and song. I get many inspration when i'm alone at home. Beside that i also watch some movies that i did not have time to see during the Pmr.

I have to go out this evening because i wanna play futsal with my fellas. But its seems like its gonna be a huge rain this evening. Hope it wouldn't postpone my schedule to play futsal and be healthy. You guys must be healthy too k! We must be a healthy generations because we are the leader in the future. Yay! look like the cloudy is gone, its time for me to go exercise, see yaa guys! take care! till the next story. ^^

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