Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Happy birthday to me! ^^

 Pada 1/11/2011 ialah hari jadi i pada taon nihh.. haha. xD Yeah its a nice date right? like my friends said.. hehe. You guys see the cake up there? That's is Baskin Robbins cake, YUM!YUM! hehe.. Cake  tu laa yang i makan masa sambut birthday i taon nihh.. Yeah, taon ni ta semeriah taon lepas cuz hari jadi i taon nihh, jatuh masa weekdays pulak.. hmm.. My mom and dad working.. So, diorang ta boleh rearrange a party then diorang belikan i this cake. Hehe, cake pun cake laa.. janji dapat makan daripada budak kat Palestin tuhh, tak makan apa2 pun time birthday diorang.. hmm.. its makes me sad abt them. I prays everyday hope they'll get the freedom one day. hehe. Anyway, my grandma give me a money.. she thinks i am old enough untuk pegang duit, selama nihh dia bagi i baju je.. or something else.. hehe. And my cute little bro, dia hadiah kan i sikat, he said dia nampak sikat i dah rosak.. then dia beli kan i sikat yang baru.. Aww.. i sayang sangat kat dia, haha. xD Seperti taon2 sebelum nihh, bila birthday i jee... i wouldnt open my fb cuz you know i'll see so many of  wish at my wall. And the person yang wish paling awal kat i this year ialah.. Jeng,Jeng,Jeng.. hehe. She is Christie Jude, she from Sabah. Boleh you guys bayang kan? orang Sabah wish kat i dulu. And acutally dia wish pukul 12:30 p.m. its mean dia wish 30 minit after my birthdat is started.. hehe. She is awesome. i respect her.. hehe. :)  Other than that, sempena hari jadi i taon nihh, i hope i will be a better person than before..Cuz i'm getting older, so i need to be more mature. hehe. i hope you guys have something to be too. Thanks for the reading Guys! hope you guys enjoy it. :) love you all. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Old Time~

This is picture of me and my cousin, i'm the one on you guys left. haha. Please dont laugh at my pic guys.
Stop laugh dude. hehe. This pic captured by my auntie, i'm 9 years old in this pic. I'm very miss my child time. What are you guys gonna do if you can rewind to old time? If me, i will be a nice and brilliant boy. And i also will take care of my beloved toys. huhu.. Wait a minute, this is not what i wanna tell you guys. Back to the stories >>> This pic taken at my cousin birthday, that was unforgettable memory in my life because i singing for the first time infront of  many people. Because my dream is to be a singer and create an awesome band ever. Wish me luck guys! I know you guys also have a dream before right? i promise to myself to make my dream become a reality. So, i need to fulfill my destiny, wait for my debut guys! :) Make sure you guys make your own dream become reality k! I know you can, and you know i can. hehe. Thats all for this story, see yaa guys! till the next stories.. !

PMR is done for me. :)

Finally, Pmr is OVER. Haha ,i like to said that word, Over and over and over. Lol ,my target before the Pmr is to got 6 A's but after Pmr is over i only think that i can get 3 A's only. wtf! (please use nice word to blogging zack) hehe. I'm very afraid to see my result, i hope it will be okayh and great.

I think i wanna work at M'cdonald at Genting during this Pmr holiday because i'm so bored stay at home.
Wish me luck guys! This is my first time i got to work. haha. I will make a mess i think, but my gf always said, try first before complaining. I planning to go on date with her after i get my pay. Back to the stories >>> During this holiday, i just stay at home while create some lyrics and song. I get many inspration when i'm alone at home. Beside that i also watch some movies that i did not have time to see during the Pmr.

I have to go out this evening because i wanna play futsal with my fellas. But its seems like its gonna be a huge rain this evening. Hope it wouldn't postpone my schedule to play futsal and be healthy. You guys must be healthy too k! We must be a healthy generations because we are the leader in the future. Yay! look like the cloudy is gone, its time for me to go exercise, see yaa guys! take care! till the next story. ^^