Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Happy birthday to me! ^^

 Pada 1/11/2011 ialah hari jadi i pada taon nihh.. haha. xD Yeah its a nice date right? like my friends said.. hehe. You guys see the cake up there? That's is Baskin Robbins cake, YUM!YUM! hehe.. Cake  tu laa yang i makan masa sambut birthday i taon nihh.. Yeah, taon ni ta semeriah taon lepas cuz hari jadi i taon nihh, jatuh masa weekdays pulak.. hmm.. My mom and dad working.. So, diorang ta boleh rearrange a party then diorang belikan i this cake. Hehe, cake pun cake laa.. janji dapat makan daripada budak kat Palestin tuhh, tak makan apa2 pun time birthday diorang.. hmm.. its makes me sad abt them. I prays everyday hope they'll get the freedom one day. hehe. Anyway, my grandma give me a money.. she thinks i am old enough untuk pegang duit, selama nihh dia bagi i baju je.. or something else.. hehe. And my cute little bro, dia hadiah kan i sikat, he said dia nampak sikat i dah rosak.. then dia beli kan i sikat yang baru.. Aww.. i sayang sangat kat dia, haha. xD Seperti taon2 sebelum nihh, bila birthday i jee... i wouldnt open my fb cuz you know i'll see so many of  wish at my wall. And the person yang wish paling awal kat i this year ialah.. Jeng,Jeng,Jeng.. hehe. She is Christie Jude, she from Sabah. Boleh you guys bayang kan? orang Sabah wish kat i dulu. And acutally dia wish pukul 12:30 p.m. its mean dia wish 30 minit after my birthdat is started.. hehe. She is awesome. i respect her.. hehe. :)  Other than that, sempena hari jadi i taon nihh, i hope i will be a better person than before..Cuz i'm getting older, so i need to be more mature. hehe. i hope you guys have something to be too. Thanks for the reading Guys! hope you guys enjoy it. :) love you all. 

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